New branding, print and social marketing

Jackie Lyon, a qualified Reiki practitioner, spoke to us about branding her new business venture and needed help engaging with prospective customers.

Fine Marketing spent time with her to understand her business, what she had in mind for her name, brand colours and logo and discussed a number of options for marketing the start-up. We researched other Reiki practitioners in the UK and abroad, to give us a better insight into the kind of customers that they were likely to attract, their marketing methods and their visuals.

We held a brain-storming session which resulted in Jackie settling on the name Reiki Relaxation to extend her target market to those less familiar with Reiki healing but whom may be seeking relaxing therapies to enhance wellbeing and encourage the body’s natural healing process.

Having drafted some ideas using deep pinks and soft blues as well as a range of soft pinks and warm salmon hues we found that none conveyed the energy of the actual healing. Candles and Buddhas, often used in Reiki therapy, were equally uninspiring for what began as a Japanese spiritual healing art. Rei comes from the Japanese word ‘Universal Life’ and ‘Ki’ means energy so we suggested using a font which had Egyptian roots as they were believers in an eternal life. We then developed this idea using the life cycle of a butterfly and fresh foliage to show rejuvenation and healing. Combining these in a striking combination of deep blues, mauves and sea greens had just the right effect and Jackie was extremely taken with the ideas behind our artwork.

Having established the brand, logo and colours, we designed and printed business cards, posters and flyers using a quality stock and branded Reiki Relaxation’s Facebook page to complete the picture.

‘I have been really pleased with the thought processes and research that Fine Marketing has given to my new business. I have actually felt that this has been a journey which was meant to be and I have enjoyed working with Julia as she has many different ideas. Having started my business in Newhaven, I am now looking at stretching my boundaries and opening in Eastbourne. I feel I know a lot more about marketing that I did when I started and that whenever I need some advice, they are always at the end of a phone on or email.’ Jackie Lyon, Reiki Relaxation.