Custom-built websites that work well and look great!

Each build is unique whether a simple, informative site, a more complex UX and UI design or an e-commerce site.

The team at Fine Marketing design, create and build custom websites focused on your business objectives. Each build is unique to each business whether the website project brief is a simple, informative site, a more complex UX and UI design or an e-commerce site.

Our custom web designs focus on much more than what you see on a screen. We start with research on your content with an audit of your existing website; check out the quality and quantity of your web traffic; look into any marketing as well as request your current objectives and direction for your brand.

Once this has been reviewed and, following any existing brand guidelines, we will work with you to produce wireframes before moving on to digital creatives.

Information architecture

Understanding and identifying the flow of information that visitors to your website follow, and how best to ensure their experience is rewarding, is an essential element to site structure and design. Some projects will just require a sitemap while others benefit from UX flow.

Content Strategy

A content strategy will look at how different pieces of content, on the web, social or in print, will support the end goal towards developing the brand’s voice and website. We will look at what is currently available, discover if gaps exist and come up with a course of action to bring new, existing and repurposed content together.


We use wireframes in the initial stages to give a rough outline idea of the pages’ representations as well as the project as a whole. A wireframe will map out content areas and include user experience. A wireframe will also bring ideas to the fore and see how they work at this concept stage demonstrating how content will be placed and work as part of the site.

Design of webpage layouts

The next stage is the design of the visual layouts. These visual interpretations show how a selection of the web pages will appear complete with proposed content, text, images, video etc. in position. It is not until our clients are happy with the visual designs that we move on to the development phase.

Website Development

The web developer will take in all the above using HTML, CSS and JavaScipt. We pay attention to detail throughout from the site architecture, the planning, build and testing phases.

We typically use a WordPress CMS build which offers full edit-ability, following training, from page creation to menu alterations and user additions. We can train our clients how it works and how changes can be effected through the site.


If you require integration with external data sources or a push/pull from one database location to another, we can streamline those operations; connect client payment gateways, shipping providers and marketing software.


E-commerce designs can be custom developed on an e-commerce platform such as WooCommerce or a similar platform for online selling, tracking and marketing of your products. To set up an e-commerce website, your minimum requirements will include payment processing, shipping, taxes and user accounts.

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