Making marketing relevant to your customers.

We like to engage and satisfy the needs of our customers through research, content creation and delivering value

Fine Marketing invests time in research, relevant content creation and delivering value to your customers. We can define, measure and quantify your target markets and suggest how best to reach them.

Research and Strategy

We will spend time getting to know your company, brand, services and products. We work with our clients to understand them better and to make sure the project time is productive and that budgets are used efficiently.

We will utilise data and analytics to aid our research and inform our decisions. Time spent with clients learning about their audiences, products and services, is part of the initial discovery experience.

We generally lay the foundations of a project or campaign with:

  • Discovery stage
  • Content strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes

Branding and Design

When it comes to marketing, your brand is central to your marketing campaign and should win the hearts and minds of your audiences. Today’s digital world is both exciting and complex and it’s not easy to increase engagement and maintain loyalty in such a fast-moving arena.

We focus on promoting your brand wisely. Ensuring your visuals are constant across different channels and maintaining accurate messages and tone to ensure your customers instantly recognise they are engaging with the same trusted company and brand.

When it comes to design, we are incredibly versatile. We’re not just digital but a team that can produce designs for print, sales brochures and advertising across a range of products and services.

What looks great online, needs to be complemented by well-designed print and we can provide the full range from business cards to exhibition material.

Content is central to marketing

Content is central to every aspect of marketing helping increase brand visibility and attracting new customers. Search engines look for high-quality, valuable and original content which we can help you deliver.

So what is relevant content – how can you engage with your clients. What should you post where and when? Confused? Talk to us about content creation, let us discuss what your customers will find valuable, entertaining and informative.

We can write your content or source it for you – articles, images, e-newsletters and blogs and offline publications such as company magazines, newsletters, PR and trade publications. There has never been a better time to write … if you can add value.

What’s so exciting is that if you are not good at writing, you can podcast or video, create an infographic, a presentation or even a webinar. The world is easily accessible with a little knowledge and some tech!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is key to good ranking

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get a great return online if the technical foundations of your website are not up-to-scratch. We know that it is important for companies to see an return on their investment and making sure your underlying infrastructure is working well is an absolute must.

Many factors have an impact on search engine rankings. Architecture, image optimisation and speed are just three but there is no need to worry about the technical bits – we can keep it simple for you. If you’re a marketing manager or website owner, don’t leave the technical SEO to chance – let’s see how we can help you and improve your online potential.

One of the ways of identifying what your priorities are is to run an audit of your current website which will provide us with a detailed report. The statistics will show what is working well and what isn’t working well. It will provide extensive detail so we can address the most critical elements first and work through them within your budget and timescale giving you peace of mind.

Social media adds value with customer engagement

We like to take a 360-degree view of your marketing and that will also include your social media channels. After all, building a community of people who actively engage with you and the products and services you offer, builds brand loyalty.

Do you listen and react? Do you care about your customers? Do you understand and monitor audience engagement and insights? Do you know that it also has an impact on rankings and that social reviews are also taken into account?

If you are not confident with social media and would like support or even some training, then we are only too happy to help and set you on the right track. Want some help with creating those meaningful moments? Then please give us a ring today.

Search engine marketing (SEM) or Pay Per Click

Sometimes when we talk about this people are not familiar with the term search engine marketing and know it better as Pay Per Click or PPC.

Simply explained, it is paying for advertising on the search engines and, more recently – on social media channels: Facebook; LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Snapchat. Google Ads (Adwords), Bing Ads and Facebook advertising is available in a wide range of styles and formats and another industry is evolving focusing on online advertising.

Taking time to research what your competition is doing and where, is a good strategy. If you cannot compete with what they offer … you need to use a different platform or medium and there are various pros and cons to each.

Setting up Google Ads, Bing Ads and even Facebook campaigns can take a considerable amount of time and one which requires constant monitoring and a reasonable budget to obtain the best return. Google Partners agencies have highly trained staff and have to maintain a spend of £10,000 plus in every quarter.

However, this should not stop you dipping your toes into the water with any of these advertising mediums. We place and monitor Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Advertising for a number of our clients and are successful with much smaller spends.

Keep ahead of the competition with Google Analytics and smart software

Analytics and data insights is a great way to measure and monitor online traffic from your website and social media accounts and to learn about your customers and their behaviours.

The data provides marketers with extensive knowledge about individuals and their buying patterns giving us the opportunity to develop campaigns specifically for different demographics.

Measurements and data give us a means with which to justify companies investments, prove what is working well and modify areas and campaigns quickly if the response is not as expected.

Google analytics is a great way to measure engagement and will undoubtedly give your businesses the edge on competitors. Statistics are available across industries. We can look at your competitors and analyse their keywords, just as they are probably watching you. In this digital world, we can help you keep one step ahead. There has never been a better moment to do so.

Traditional marketing and printed brochures are still relevant

In addition to our wide range of digital marketing services we design sales literature and manage print and advertising for a wide range of clients.

As part of our clients’ overall marketing strategy the execution of the right quality sales and promotional materials can be complex but using very skilled printers in Sussex, we can ensure both the quality and price match expectations and budget.

What frequently happens to companies’ print and online services is that with different mediums and a range of competitively priced online print shops, branding is mismatched and inconsistent.

We are happy to assess your current range of client-facing literature, enhance it through re-design and content development and make sure your printed literature is branded to complement your website and social media campaigns.

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