Kemco Plumbing and Heating Ltd: web design and marketing

Stylish build for Kemco Plumbing and Heating Engineers new website

A contemporary and responsive website design

Kemco Plumbing and Heating Ltd are London based and offer a comprehensive plumbing and heating service to customers in London and the south of England.

Working with Kemco’s directors, and from their brief for a new website, we discovered how limiting their existing site had become and just how keen they were to work with a design and marketing company who could offer them more than just a new website.

In the first instance, the website needed to convey their own aspirations for the business and required first-class imagery as well as a good UX (user experience) for visitors to the site. They were keen to convey a recent re-brand and drive awareness to private and commercial clients raising awareness of the quality of their services within a very competitive and crowded marketplace.

The website conveys every aspect of their business from the installation of new boilers to the design of modern bathrooms.

As part of the process, we undertook some competitor research and gained an understanding of the current market and customer behaviour.

The stylistic direction was followed through on all the elements to ensure consistency across social media as well as the website. We designed and developed the new site on WordPress, the world’s favourite platform, and ensured it was fully responsive and optimised for the mobile experience.

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Content Creation

We built in a little extra time with the content creation to ensure that we produced the pages with the right messaging, voice and tone.

Agreeing on the detail, writing the content and making sure the image would enhance the content and fit well with the style of the pages took time but the clients were pleased with the outcome, and the site reads well and looks clean and contemporary.

Search Engine Optimisation

At the outset we researched and identified as many of the right keywords as was practical within the time and budget allocated. This gave us a head start when it came to refining the SEO, writing the meta descriptions and including the image descriptions and alt tags.

In addition to onsite SEO, we addressed some of the off-site problems to make sure they were found easily in local search.

Social Marketing and Search Marketing

To increase traffic and brand awareness, we handled some short bursts of marketing on their Facebook page, Google Ads and Bing Ads.

These have been very useful for seasonal campaigns and growing awareness of the wide range of services that the engineers at Kemco offer both to the public and to private customers. The ability to target specific age groups, homeowners and landlords with offers and seasonal reminders continues to build awareness and trust within the local search area providing an effective and efficient medium for the company.

All of the marketing we have undertaken, organic and paid, has been measured through Facebook insights and Google Analytics giving the customer a good overall indication of what works well.

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